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You should note the ideas or tasks when you are doing another thing. We call it Todo Capsule.

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Why Todocap?

Are you tired of forgetting important tasks or brilliant ideas just because you couldn't find a way to note them down quickly? Introducing TodoCap, the ultimate solution to organize your to-dos and capture those eureka moments in an instant.
With TodoCap, you can effortlessly note down tasks or ideas while you are busy with other activities. It's like having a digital capsule that captures your thoughts and keeps them safe for you to revisit later. No more losing track of your brilliant ideas or important tasks.
The beauty of TodoCap lies in its simplicity and efficiency. It provides a fast and convenient way to jot down your to-dos or eureka moments without interrupting your flow. Just a few taps or clicks, and your thoughts are securely stored in your TodoCap capsule.
Start using TodoCap today and experience the power of capturing and organizing your thoughts effortlessly. Let TodoCap be your trusted companion in staying productive, focused, and inspired. Don't let another brilliant idea or important task slip away – capture it all with TodoCap!
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